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Home help for the elderly from the No1 Care in your home agency in Dorset.

We are registered with the CQC (Care Quality Commission) and have spot contracts with the Dorset County Council and neighbouring counties. Additionally, we are contracted with the regulated government funded Help and Care Service, also we work with Social Services and in conjunction with N.H.S. Continuing Healthcare.

Our care packages are tailor made to suit every individual and their needs from companionship to full care. 


24 Hour Home Care Services was formed in June 2008 and by the end of 2009 was established as a limited company. The directors Karen and Derek Jones, recognising the need for a good quality care provider especially within the Live in Sector, found they were successful in that they could provide the attention to detail that other companies seemed to lack.

Karen, having been a care worker for over fifteen years, and then adding management experience for various companies, was able to identify that a real difference could be made in the way care was delivered. We pride ourselves on a comprehensive assessment system which takes into account every minor detail in order to compile a first class care plan to meet the clients’ needs. All their needs and wishes are recorded and form the basis of the delivery of service which is maintained throughout a client’s time with us.

We are now offering from our new offices in Broadstone, an exciting and revolutionary alternative to domiciliary care.Under our new service ‘Care in Your Home Dorset’, unique, tailor-made care packages are available starting at a minimum of 30 minutes and will be tailored to suit your individual requirements.

Our entry into ‘social-care’ has come about with experience, which teaches us that 24 hour live-in care is not always appropriate for every client. Domiciliary care has served as a means of providing a client with regular help in their home, with a variety of tasks and care needs, by means of regular visits. However, a growing problem is the worsening culture of what one recent commentator referred to as “clockwatch care”. Homecare providers are frequently being asked to deliver care in unrealistically short periods of time; typically fifteen minute visits, which may be just long enough to perform the basic tasks, but does nothing to address the client’s more complex social needs such as social interaction, encouragement or maybe just occasional company and a friendly face – someone to talk with to share worries and concerns. We believe however, that a good social care package, properly delivered, will result in a care worker who can be sensitive to the needs of the client, able to ‘live their lives’ with them, always being there to provide encouragement, help with day to day tasks and sometimes, just friendship and someone to talk with.

We confidently believe that a crucial part of our service is getting to know our clients by sitting and talking to them, maybe sharing a snack or a cup of tea thereby encouraging them to eat regularly by keeping them company at meal times. As a company we stand to do everything we can to make help in your home a pleasant and enriching experience as, to many of our clients we will be the only social contact they will have, and so our highly trained workers will always enter a client’s home with a confident, positive and good-humoured attitude.

We are registered with the CQC (Care Quality Commission) and have spot contracts with the Dorset County Council and neighbouring counties. Additionally, we are contracted with the regulated government funded Help and Care Service, also we work with Social Services and in conjunction with N.H.S. Continuing Healthcare.

We work in a no-risk way and at our client’s own pace, which we find encourages them to help themselves more, and our assessments will always take account of any unique detail such as their personal interests and hobbies, and which helps us to engage fully with the client, enabling them to get the most from their care package.

In our experience, if our care givers are calm happy and relaxed we know this will have a positive impact on our clients, making a considerable difference to their overall wellbeing.

Working with Dignity
24 Hour Home Care Services recognise that everyone, regardless of circumstances or incapacity, is unique and must be valued as an individual whose privacy and dignity must be upheld at all times. Sensitive issues that are most at risk include handling incontinence, bathing and dressing.


Evaluation and treatment of the full range surgery problems
Everyone has the same rights to citizenship, irrespective of their living conditions and it is the policy of 24 Hour Home Care Services to promote and actively support this. Everyone has the right to take risks as a normal part of everyday life. If 24 Hour Home Care Services considers an individual is at risk this will be fully assessed and documented.

Resume your active and healthy lifestyle
Everyone should be entitled to make independent choices with regard to their options for care and their needs. This can include their choice to remain at home, irrespective of their illness. Everyone should be given the choice as to the care they receive and any other related care, together with residential and nursing care as required.
Get the best quality for lowest rates
Every individual has the right to say “No” to any help offered to them. With any support it is important that the individual requests assistance and is actively involved in the decision as to the type of care they require.

Delivery of Service

On receiving your initial enquiry 24 Hour Home Care Services will adhere to the following procedures. Firstly we will spend time with you over the telephone discussing your needs and requirements. We will then give you a clear picture of the service we can offer you. An information pack will then be forwarded on for your perusal. This will include our brochures, Statement of Purpose, Code of Practice and our terms and conditions.

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